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Zylem-MIS Software can provide complete visibility of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sales as also Stock information to the company.

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The Data Extraction & Auto Upload Software that works completely invisible to the users, but enables Trap & Track Transactions

BizzControl logo

A Distribution Management Software is essential for the distributors for running their day-to-day business operations.

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ProClaimz software offers method of defining the Promotion Schemes and comparing the performance

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Sales force automation software app allows you to take orders directly from the field, take photos, collect data, deliver scheme info

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Zylem POP

“Portal-of-Promotions” is easy to use software for Recording promotions of Products by the company -easy to maintain the parameters and quick to report the required information.

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Distill-IT Prime

ERP Software for Manufacturer of Beverages -Wine/IMFL/CL covering Purchase, Batch Mfg, Invoicing, Inventory, Accounting & Excise

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ERP for Distributors esp. Alco Bev segment. Covering Invoice, Inventory, Accounting, Delivery-planning, Scheme & MIS reports

RestoSpirit logo

Software to maintain State Excise Records in Fine Dining Restaurants. Interface with Billing Software / Daily data entry both featured

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For all small and medium businesses, whether Manufacturing or Trading, nowadays Software is essential. For business operations, billing, accounting all.

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Software for Retail counter of Liquor. Delivers accurate reports on Inventory, Easy planning of purchase, Cash control.

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